Our Terms and Conditions 

In using this website and the advertising and charter boat booking services offered by Gold Coast Charter Boats, you agree to the following general terms and conditions, and cancellation and refund terms and conditions:

You agree, you understand that:

    1. GoldCoastCharterBoats.com.au is an ‘advertising only’ website, and when requested it also operates as a Charter Boat Booking Agency for selected boats on our website.
    2. We take our fees through paid advertising, and receive a 5% booking fee from boat owners for arranging charter boat bookings.
    3. No other activities take place other than displaying advertisements users of our website create, displaying ads we ourselves create for selected clients, and managing charter boat bookings when requested by boat owners and site visitors.
    4. We may modify ad content to correct typos and grammar, but we do not modify or alter the flavor or general element of the ad copy that we receive from site users.
    5. We provide an attractive online space for commercial charter boat owners to advertise their services either directly or via our own booking agency or via another commercial charter boat booking agency, private boat owners to advertise boat share opportunities, and people offering services complementary to charter boat hire to also advertise.
    6. Based on the open nature of our business, Gold Coast Charter Boats is not and shall not be liable for any booking errors, nor any death, personal injury, or loss of income or damage to property resulting from using this website, or using any services booked or engaged via this website, or using any services that are advertised on this website.
    7. In using this website, you hereby release, to the full extent of the law, Gold Coast Charter Boats, its employees, agents, and subcontractors from all actual and contingent liability in respect of any booking errors, personal injury, death, loss or damage resulting from using this website.
    8. Gold Coast Charter Boats cannot be held responsible for, nor validate in any way the accuracy of the information displaying on this website. We strongly recommend that all information including ad content, bookings and pricing, is checked directly with the advertiser or boat owner (as appropriate) before any bookings, payments or activity of any kind takes place.
    9. Gold Coast Charter Boats may remove an advertisement should we learn during its display period about its inaccuracies, false truths, or inappropriateness, and should this occur no refund will be paid to the advertiser.
    10. Advertisements placed will not naturally roll-over, nor incur additional or extended costs, nor do we store or share personal information about our advertisers. Prior to expiry, advertisers are invited to re-advertise, and the choice to re-advertise or not to re-advertise is solely theirs.
    11. When an advertisement request/order is received, we generate a Paypal invoice and email this to the advertiser, and advertisements are only displayed once payment in full has been received. We also generate Paypal invoices for the charter boat bookings we arrange, and bookings are only confirmed when payment has been made in full.
    12. In any 12 month period, we are happy to edit advertisement copy if requested by the advertiser, up to three (3) times, after which an administration fee will apply.
    13. Gold Coast Charter Boats makes every reasonable effort to ensure this website operates 24/7 (outside of any maintenance hours) however, should this website and any of its advertisements no longer be displaying as a result of an unforeseen event (ie: natural disaster or technical mishap), and we are unable to rectify the situation in good time or at all, no refunds will be possible.
    14. It is the users of this site’s responsibility to return to this page to check for any updates.


Charter Boat Booking Cancellations and Refunds

If you are using Gold Coast Charter Boats to manage your Charter Boat Bookings, the following booking cancellation and refund conditions will apply:

Please Note: Charter boats are not cancelled or refunded due to rain (light, medium, or heavy), and will never be refunded as a result of any rain.

Cancellation by the Hirer

  • Day of Charter – No refund is available
  • 1-7 Days prior to Charter Booked Date – No refund is available
  • 8-9 Days prior to Charter Booked Date – 25% of full price will be refunded
  • 10-11 Days prior to Charter Booked Date – 40% of full price will be refunded
  • 12-13 Days prior to Charter booked Date – 50% of full price will be refunded
  • 14 Days or More – The full price paid will be refunded ‘minus the Initial Deposit Sum’

Any refund provided will match the method of payment.

Cancellation by the Boat Crew

  • Guests on-board must remain alert and act responsibly at all times!
  • If anyone jumps or falls overboard the boat crew will follow the Marine Safety Queensland requirements and return to port. Should this happen, the charter will be cancelled and no refund or compensation will be made available.
  • If anyone who arrives for the charter is recognised by the boat crew as being drunk, stoned, or otherwise mentally or physically deranged or intoxicated, the charter will be cancelled and no refund or compensation will be made available.
  • If during the charter anyone does anything recognised by the boat crew as being illegal, irresponsible, and/or outright dangerous to the vessel or guests or crew, the charter will be cancelled immediately, will return to port, and no refund or compensation will be made available.

Cancellation by the Boat Owner or Boat Crew

If a booking is cancelled by the boat owner for any reason we will offer the customer an alternative date and/or an alternative boat before any refund.

Any refund provided will match the method of payment.


This page was updated on 22/11/17