7 REASONS for this website

  1. My research as a Senior Business Analyst showed me that online search results for charter boats on the Gold Coast were sometimes conflicting and confusing. In many cases, booking agencies advertising the same boats were displaying different specifications about the same boat, and at times, conflicting information across their own website. This highlighted the fact that improvement was necessary.
  2. Booking agents arranging charter boat bookings on behalf of boat owners were taking up to 15% for referrals, when it is in the best interest of boat owners to retain a higher percentage of their turnover so it can be used instead to improve their customers experience.
  3. In 2018, before, during and after the Commonwealth Games, thousands of visitors to the Gold Coast will benefit from having one main site to identify charter boat availability.
  4. Up until now, there has never been one universal place to share images of people’s Gold Coast water experiences, which is the most effective way of increasing charter activity.
  5. In addition, there are a number of complementary services that help make every charter experience complete. These have been addressed, and this area will grow as more people learn about its availability, creating an opportunity for new business development and self-employment.
  6. The obvious need to attract and retain the interest of locals has also been met with the introduction of a Private Boat Share Gallery, where locals can advertise shared ownership opportunities of their private boats, reducing the numbers of boats sitting dormant in canals and making better use of our waterways, which in turn helps stimulate turnover throughout the marine industry and helps stabilise employment in all areas including repair and maintenance, training, licensing, and more.
  7. We have one of the most expansive and exciting water play-fields around us, and the best climate in the world. As a visitor for many years’ I recognised this, and as a resident I want to bring all of the loose ends together to maximise Gold Coast waterway potential.

Philippa Coory

This is just the beginning!